Deliver & Demonstrate Value

Delivering and demonstrating value

As Customer Success and Key Account Managers, you want to help customers succeed and demonstrate that you are adding tangible business value. To do this, you need to understand your customers’ strategic goals and identify key blockers preventing them from executing.

This allows you to solve the right problems and connect the dots between your solutions and their goals — a Customer Success Plan.

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To understand your customer’s strategic goals, you need to engage and gather inputs from internal and external stakeholders. The problem is, the information you get is often times vague, fragmented, and incomplete. On top of that, there is not a central place to document and manage this information.

Without a “common language” to describe and communicate strategic priorities, it is really hard to consolidate understandings and align efforts.

Did you know?


of project success has to do with knowing stakeholders’ strategic priorities, solving the right problems, and winning sponsorships.


Technology and implementation contribute less than 14% to project success.


of project teams are out-of-sync with stakeholders and uncertain about objectives.


of CIOs feel that projects are doomed from the start due to vague definition of project objectives and understanding of stakeholders’ goals.

The Solution

To deliver and demonstrate value, you need a common method to define what customers’ strategic priorities are, how to measure success, and ensure your solutions are aligned to their priorities.

Compass is a Customer Success Planning tool, embedded with best-practice method, to map out what the customer is trying to achieve, how they plan to achieve it, key blockers preventing them from executing, and how your solutions will solve their problems.

Structured Method & Process

  • Establish a common “language” to improve efficient and effective collaboration.
  • Map out how your solutions are aligned to customer’s goals.
  • Structured, logical, and easy to implement framework.
  • Improve critical thinking and depth of understanding.

Understanding & Engagement

  • Easily capture and visualize strategic priorities and pains.
  • Efficiently and effectively, communicate and validate understanding.
  • Highlight potential gap in understanding or lack of information.
  • Agile and collaborative process improves engagement, sponsorship, and buy-in.

Stay Focused & Track Progress

  • Define success metrics and track progress.
  • Keep strategic priorities in focus.
  • Work smarter.
  • Web application optimized for mobile devices.